Modula W 700

Flexible and innovative solutions for larger shower areas


The Modula series was specially designed for large shower areas. The Walk-In System provides ease of entry and exit, a stable glass structure, modern design and easy cleaning are the key features of this series.

  • Modular system for extra-large shower areas
  • Assembly is possible on a shower try or flush to the floor
  • With floor profile to compensate for unevenness
  • Enclosures height of 2000 mm with adjustability up to 50 mm
  • Tested to be watertight 11 litres per minute
  • Silicone free wall junction
  • Shadow profile on the wall side
  • With coat hook
CE certified for DIN EN 14428:2004
SMS Mounting System. Click for more information
Silicon free wall junction. Click for more information
High Glass - anti calcium protection. Click for more information
Reversible, can be installed left or right
Special sizes available. Click for more information