Vario Milieubild VT-2 + VW

Vario P 600

Transparent design with sophisticated technical solutions


The Vario shower enclosures without horizontal profiles provide a transparent design and large, self closing rise and fall mechanism, wall hinged doors offer maximum entrance ways. The partial frame with silicon free wall junction offers screw micro adjustment of the door elements.

  • Transparent design without horizontal profiles
  • Door elements with up and down lifting mechanism
  • Adjustment from 25 - 35 mm
  • Tested to be watertight 11 litres per minute
  • Enclosures height of 1950 mm
  • Maximum entrance through the large swinging doors
  • Micro- and re-adjustment of the door elements
  • Silicone free wall junction
CE certified for DIN EN 14428:2004
SMS Mounting System. Click for more information
Silicon free wall junction. Click for more information
High Glass - anti calcium protection. Click for more information
Reversible, can be installed left or right
Special sizes available. Click for more information