Type of glass

The glass is toughened to the highest standards conforming to international safety regulations (EN 12150-1:2000).

We offer the following glass types for our shower enclosures:

Clear glass

Calendered glass

Obscure glass

Smoked glass

Polystyrene/Acrylic (Classic IT Series)

Clear glass + High Glass

Obscure glass + High Glass

Smoked glass + High Glass

High GLASS protection

The anti calcium protection reduces the surface adhesion of the lime deposits and provides a simple way cleaning of the glass surface. Additionally the anti calcium protection has an
antibacterial effect, by which 98 % of bacterial deposits are prevented.

Without High GLASS coating

With High GLASS coating

Silkscreen on glass

We have compiled special silk-screens on glass, which ideally can be used with the series Modula (except for the series Flat). The price is calculated on packaging unit – Silkscreen height is 650 mm, width 1500 mm maximum and delivery time 2-3 weeks.

Profile colours

Extrusion profile made from an aluminium-silicon-magnesium alloy with excellent mechanical properties, great durability and corrosionresistant (EN ISO 2409 and ISO 7599).

Brillant shining

Silver (Classic PT Series)


White (RAL 9010)

Stainless steel (Serie Iunix)

Black matt