Our Comfort Series

Discover our wide range of bathroom accessories consisting of seats and handles, dedicated to the comfort of the whole family and people with reduced mobility. All our products are tested and certified for solidity and robustness by the prestigious German body TUV, so you can be sure that you are installing a safe product that will stand the test of time.

Barrierfree living

Since the 80s our company has already been making an important contribution to barrier-free living with high quality products through a variety of seat and handle systems for the sanitary sector, as well as for the area of installation of on floor showers (wetrooms). By working closely with designers, architects and craftsmen, we are a strong and recognized partner in the project area (public sector, private institutions and tourism).

Seat and handle system

The system has been designed for people with a limited mobility. The wide product range can satisfy all associated sanitary needs in the healthcare, rehabilitation and private markets. The seat and handle system combines timeless design with a high level of manufacturing quality and is suitable for any bathroom. All products listed in this catalogue of the seat and handle system are TÜV-tested. So you can be certain that the products your customers install are reliable and tested on their load-bearing capacity, that generally can bear a heavier load, as specified. For example the handles with a TÜV-tested load capacity of 100 kg: these are tested by a safety factor of 1.5 and carry up to 150 kg – with the proper mounting – while in the seats, a safety factor of 1.7 is applied.