About Provex

Our philosophy is our success

From the fertile soil of different cultures, through experience and constant striving for special features we have developed our thoughts and ideas in order to promote a feeling of well being in the bath. With more than 30 years experience in the processing of aluminium and synthetic materials we have learnt the optimal advantages of these materials. A dynamic, motivated team forms the basis of our company, and the constant advancement of the products allows us to be an international market operator. Today our products comply with the highest quality and safety standards, and provide through innovation, highquality materials, appropriate design and absolute functionality, the feeling of security and comfort.

Italian Design

Provex is a meeting point for contemporary looks and modern design principles. Elegant products of enduring quality recognised and admired in Italy and throughout the world as stylish bathroom furnishings, true examples of the “Made in Italy“.

Customer Care

Our products represent high quality, precise function and are aesthetically pleasing. In addition to these factors we attach importance to the service before and after the purchase of our product. Competent and motivated employees in the internal office and sales representatives are available to you.

Know How

The continuous search of new technologies and the careful examination of the existing processes are the base of our development. The comparison with the market becomes every day constructive cue in order to perfect us and to be in a position to following the right direction.

Quality and Safety

We take pride in producing high quality, technical and functional products, so that you can get many years satisfaction from our products. We strive to guarantee consistently high standards by working closely with all relevant testing and certification institutes and by following our own strict quality and safety criteria.


The innovation is born from the ambition and the curiosity to develop new ideas every day. The individual professional formation and the common intention to grow, contribute to the affirmation of our role of premonitory in the field.

Our common success

We are constantly searching for something special, in order to offer our customers up to date solutions, but also in order to improve, to ease and to help evolve their working models. We create room for new and creative ideas and solutions in an open and frank context, where all parties participate in a mutual exchange, leading to a common success.